Surely Satisfied by God

Surely Satisfied by God

(Reflection on Matthew 5:6) 

satisfied by God
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“Christian Reflection on Spiritual Health”


Matthew 5:6 (KJV)

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.



Hunger and thirst are normal things that we should feel. In fact it is even a sign that a person is in good health.


When we feel sick, often what happens is we don't feel hungry because we don't feel the appetite to eat. Even for drinking we feel lazy.



In fact, each of us can feel hungry and thirsty not only for food and drink, but also for other "needs".


So it is not surprising that we find that not everyone comes to church to seek God and His truth.  There are people who come with a different purpose and motivation.



Some go to church because they have the goal of finding clients for sales, so it's no wonder these people like to switch churches.


Some go to church because they intend to find a friend or spouse, but because they do not find it, they become disappointed in the church.


So don't blame God if we come into His House, but do not get satisfaction.


Because God only promises that those who hunger and thirst for truth will have the assurance to be satisfied by God.



When our goals come wrong, it is actually only natural that we don't get what we hope for.


It's the same as a customer looking for ice cream in a building shop. It is very difficult to be satisfied because the customer came with the right purpose, but is looking in the wrong place.



It is the same as going to the house of the Lord, let us come with the right purpose.


So come to eat of the word of the Lord. Drink from the virtue of His word. Open your heart and mind as wide as possible. Surely we will always get satisfaction from God until it is abundant.



When we have come regularly, also remember that it is important to take care of our spiritual health so that we continue to have hunger and thirst for these truths.


Because when we are spiritually unwell, our hunger and thirst may appear to disappear or fade away; even though the need is still there.



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