Love God by Loving His Words

Love God by Loving His Words

(Reflection on Psalms 119:97)

love God love HIS words
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“Christian Reflection on Loving God’s Words”


Psalms 119:97

I deeply love your Law! I think about it all day.



What do you think if someone says that he loves you, but doesn't want to communicate or talk with you much?


Whenever we try to strike up a conversation with him, he instead asks us to shut up.  Shhh… Don't nag. If you love me, just shut up.


The truth is we cannot claim to love someone but are reluctant to hear him talk to us.


It is bizzare if we are reluctant to communicate intensely with someone we love.  There must be something wrong.




Many Christians don't want to read God's Word, but only want to pray.


Is it right?  Are you one of them?



It is like having someone we love, and while we may speak to him or her at length to be heard; but we ourselves do not want to hear they speak to us.



Loving God means being willing to listen to God speak through His words, and not just being willing to spend time talking to God through prayer.



So the truth is that we cannot say that we love God, if we don't want to love His word.


When God wants to speak to us through His words, and we say: shhh ... shut up ... don't fuss ... don't bother ... don't burden me with having to read Your words again, shhh ... shut up ... don't ...


So God is asking us, "Do you really love your Lord?"




Or maybe we're just trying to use God for our own spiritual satisfaction?

Or just to have an image of a spiritual person?


For just not wanting to be called infidel, no religion person; so we pray and go to chutch.



But we think we don't have to read the Bible, it's specifically for pastors and evangelists only.



We need to show God that we really love Him by also loving His Word.



Just as we love to talk to people we love, and we also love to listen to people we love talk to us.


Because of our love for them, we take time to both talk and listen.




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