See The Glory of God

 See The Glory of God

(Reflection on John 11:40)

see the glory of God
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“Christian Reflection on Faith”


John 11:40

Jesus replied, "Didn't I tell you that if you had faith, you would see the glory of God?"



We can often misunderstand that being a child of God means that we will experience ease.


There are people who mistakenly think that once we believe in God, then get baptized, then from then on, our spiritual life will continue to rise and never come down again.


Because we have walked with God, we think that our lives as Christians will continue to "always feel close to God”, will never experience serious problems, and will never again feel difficulties.


Some people even say that it is a sign that your spiritually is in a good terms. The sign that your faith is active, is that God continues to feel close, difficulties or troubles move away from our lives.


Is that true?



However, let's be honest today. Some of us have become Christians, know God for a few years, some for decades.


Have you ever felt that God looks like he doesn't exist?

= You pray, it seems that God doesn't hear, let alone act.

= You ask, but God's response seems so slow. Even you feel like it's too late.


Have you ever doubted God? Or disappointed with God? find it very difficult to continue to believe in God?


Do you think things like this are signs that you are experiencing spiritual problems? Is that so?



Out of His 12 disciples, the Lord Jesus had several close friends or friends. One of the ones noted to be close to Jesus were 3 brothers, namely: Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.


However, there is an interesting story in John 11, about the spiritual experiences of 3 brothers who have a very close relationship with Jesus.



It is said that Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha, was said to be sick. From John 11 verses 3 and 5, it says that Lazarus was loved by Jesus, loved by the Lord Jesus. However, surprisingly, in verse 6 we find that instead it says Jesus "deliberately" delayed coming to them. Something that seems contradictory.


Aren't we usually going to hurry for the people we care about? Right?



After 2 days, Jesus told His disciples, Lazarus was dead. "Thank God" I didn't attend when he was alive, because it was better for the disciples so they could learn to believe.


What else does that mean? It's too late to come, why are you grateful?



When Jesus arrived, Martha and Mary's house still had a consolation service. Martha and Mary took turns going out of the house to meet Jesus on the street.


Both of them were talking to Jesus, protesting with Jesus, "Lord, if you had come while Lazarus was still alive, he would not have died".


Pay attention to this:

Martha and Mary believed that Jesus was capable of something tremendous. They believed Jesus could heal Lazarus who was sick. They are not disbelieving. They believe. But for them, it was too late now.


Jesus came late.  Have you ever felt the same way?



Jesus tells Martha in verse 23, that your brother will rise. Marta still understands it as  ater at the end of time He will be risen.


Martha still thought Jesus was just giving her words of comfort and hope.


But again for him, Jesus was too late.


When Jesus asked to lift the stone that closed the grave cave, Martha still answered Jesus. You don't have to, God. Lazarus, he's dead. It's been 4 days. It smells already. For what purpose?



The reality of life often can beaten us back, making us doubt and even disappointed with God. Often God seems too late.


But I always agree with these words:

When we can't see God's presence, we can always trust His heart


Believe that even though God is not seen or felt present, He is always with us.


When Jesus looks like he came late, believe that He didn't do it because He didn't love us; or because He is punishing or teasing us, but because He wants to show His glory for us.





Just like Mary and Martha, maybe we are still waiting for God to come to help us in our various situations. We may have waited so long to become tired.


Just as when Mary and Martha saw that Lazarus had finally died while they were waiting for Jesus to come, it seems to us that the situation is hopeless, hopeless, too late; but let us keep believing that God is never late.


Continue to believe in Him. Then we will see God's glory revealed to us.


For Mary and Martha it saw how God's glory was revealed through Lazarus who came back to life and came out of the tomb.


For us, that means being able to see that:


What died, God can raise again!

What was broken, God can restore it!


Is it our job // business // marriage // relationship between children and parents // health // wasted opportunities?



It is true that things can happen not according to our expectations, happen not according to our plans.  

But let us keep belive that God can always turn even bad things into goodness for us all.



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