The First Hand Meaning of Christmas – Part 01

The First Hand Meaning of Christmas – Part 01

(The Magi – Matthew 2:1-2)

the first hand meaning of christmas
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“Christmas Reflection”



To understand the true meaning of Christmas, one of the way is to return to the events of the FIRST CHRISTMAS.


Let's go back to looking for the meaning of Christmas first hand, from the people who were directly involved in the event.


We look back to the events of the first Christmas that have been past, and ask the people who were involved in the events of the first Christmas.


What does Christmas mean to them?



# 1 For the Magi: A Lesson for Humility


Matthew 2: 1-2

Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem in Judea, during the time when Herod was king. Soon afterward, some men who studied the stars came from the East to Jerusalem and asked, "Where is the baby born to be the king of the Jews? We saw his star when it came up in the east, and we have come to worship him."


Who were the Magi and where did they come from?


What is clear, they are not Jews (Israelis).


Matthew says that they came from the east; most likely Arabia, Babylon, Media, or Khaldea.


An area quite far from the Bethlehem area, in Israel.


Magi are said to have functions as priests (non-Jewish religion); and besides that they also studied astronomy, astrology, general science, and often sorcery too.


In government, they usually have an important position.


So, these Magi are not ordinary people, who do not have any particular intelligence or skills, and are not unemployed. They are respectable people in their native place.



Once these Magi received a sign from the star that a Jewish King had been born, according to the prophecy they likely learned from the holy books of the Jews regarding their hope for the coming of the Messiah; These wise men followed the star as far as Jerusalem.


With what purpose were they so eager to go that far?


Matthew records that they went to worship Him, the newborn King.



So, these Magi was clearly realized what the significance of the new born King are. They clearly knew and believed that He was not just any king. This newborn baby is the King of kings and his rule is over the entire universe.


They realized that this newborn baby would have far-reaching cosmic impacts. Therefore, they went to worship Him.



How about us?


Does the birth of the Lord Jesus as a baby have a very important meaning for us? So that we are willing to go so far to worship Him?



So that we are willing to temporarily leave our other busy lives and go to worship Him?


Is going to church seeking God and worshiping God still just an option among the many choices for us on Sunday morning (or afternoon), or is it the only option?


Does worshiping God have an important position in our lives so that we are willing to temporarily leave all our other activities when the time to worship God, time to worship, time to serve God comes?


Let's re-evaluate ourselves.



Let us try to imagine this event 2000 years ago. Going to such a distant place in those days was not the same today as there were planes, helicopters, or at least cars. There were no vehicles at that time, except camels or horses with chariots.


No doubt they encountered many challenges and obstacles on such a long journey. Imagine what danger lurked them along their journey; it could be anything: hostile nature, disease, or muggers.


But they just go. They don't give up or get scared.



After that, did the Magi immediately succeed in reaching the destination of their journey? Aren't they lost and so they ask?


The good thing is that when they tried to find the newborn King and couldn't find him, they were willing to ask someone else they thought they would know the answer.


So they went to the palace in Jerusalem, to ask the palace who might know where the new born King was. And then they get the answer by asking the right place and the right person.


Then how about us today?

Are we actively trying to find God?


And in times when we have trouble finding God, do we want to consult with people who can help us find God?



What do we need to meet God?

Only one thing, namely humility (James 4: 6).


Just like these Magi. They took away all the honor, intelligence, and power they had. They realized who they were when faced with the King of kings. And because of that, they went to meet Him and worship Him.



If we ask the Magi, what does Christmas mean to them? So they will say, "Christmas is a time to start learning to be humble."





Because we should be ashamed before God when we remember how we often disappoint Him with the sins we have committed. But He, God who is great, most holy, and great, was willing to come down to earth, to be a baby, born in a sheepfold, just because he loves us.


Just because He wants to come closer to us.


With all this, can't we learn to be humble before God?


Christmas is a time when we can begin to learn to be humble before God again.


Whoever we are, no matter how great or smart we are, let it all go before God. Let us be humble before Godand worship Him in all our lives.



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