Private Spiritual Restoration and The God's House

Private Spiritual Restoration 

and The God's House

(Reflections from Nehemiah 10: 1-39

"Our Spiritual Restoration & The God's House"

"Christian Reflections on Revival"



In the previous article we already discussed "True Spiritual Awakening".


We have realized that revival does not mean simply worship with many people present. Nor does it just aim to amaze people with the power of God.


True revival always occurs because the Word of God brings people to life repentance. Repentance that makes spiritual restoration will continue happens.


In Nehemiah 10, it is straightforwardly explained that there is an inseparable connection between a person's spiritual restoration and that person's relationship with God's house.




# Not Neglecting God’s House


In verse 39, there is a statement which is very interesting for us to see, namely "We will not neglect the temple of our God".


Throughout the history of the Israelites' unfaithfulness to the Word of God, as they refused to obey God's commandments, they always ended up disregarding the House of God or the Temple.


The times when the Israelites chose to sin, no longer wanted to hear and obey God's commands; there are always times when the Temple is no longer cared for.


  • They no longer hear the voice of the priest, or the priest also sins.
  • Offerings were no longer carried to the house of God. Or offerings are no longer given the best.
  • The Word of God is no longer being read, preached, heard, or done.



Nehemiah and the people again made a written covenant to hold fast and do the word of God, then realized this truth: How wrong they were because they had "abandoned" the house of God. 

They sinned because they didn't care about God's house.


When they experienced revival, received spiritual restoration, they realized their mistake. They realized that the House of God should not be neglected.


Spiritual restoration should always bring people back to the house of God. Approaching the house of God, and not even away from it.



So, it is not true when there is a statement "I love God, but hate the church".


Or, "I am a Christian, but without a church".


Spiritual restoration that makes us truly love God will also lead us to His body, the church.




# Doing God's Commandments regarding His House


Christians who are truly experiencing spiritual restoration will yearn to keep all of God's commandments.


It should also include, God's commandments that every believer must do in HIS house.


This is what the people of Israel did after experiencing true revival, they promised and determined they would never “leave” the Temple neglected again.


  • They are faithful again regarding the rule of specifying the Sabbath (v. 31).
  • They returned to be faithful regarding the rule of giving offerings to the house of God (vv. 32-37).



This should never be a problem for believers, apart from seeing it as a matter of keeping God's commandments.


But of course, I personally believe that the church today is obliged to manage all offerings with good principles of transparency and accountability. And it is the right of the congregation to watch over it.


In this era of social media, mismanagement of churches for personal gain is very easy to spread, but it is not right when we think all churches are the same.


I believe there are still more churches that are loyal to God in terms of financial management.


Our suspicions may be a reason for us to watch, but they should not be an excuse for disobeying the Lord's commandments regarding our gifts to the house of our God.



Let us also agree to "Will Not Neglecting God’s House."



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