Quiet Times (Part 4) – Overcoming Boredom

Quiet Times (Part 4) – Overcoming Boredom

(Tips to Fresh Daily Bible Quit Times)

 overcoming boredoom with quite times

“Practical Understanding about Quiet Times”



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F. Overcoming Boredom With Quite Times


As a human being, there are times when we can feel saturated or maybe bored.  It is something normal happens in our life.


There are many ways we can apply when we become bored while having a quiet time.


These are some practical things you can do to help you get back to enjoying your quiet time.


For example, if you feel that you are overworked at night and end up tired in the morning, stiff body, and neck pain, you can have a quiet time while drinking a glass (or two glasses) of tea.


It could also be that before you do your quiet time, first play a cassette of upbeat music or relaxing music


(watch out for sleeping again!)


We can try to do quiet times at the outside your house, or even at outdoor, as example: the park, on beach, on the side of lake, even in a coffee house. 



The most important thing is if you start to feel bored with your devotional time, try to check again whether you are devoting yourself to God or if you don't invite God to your quiet time.



Or maybe there is a sin that you are hiding from Him. This disturbs the connection between us and Allah.


Sin that you do not confess or are unaware of is sure to interfere with your relationship with a holy God. When you have realized your sin, confess it before God and ask forgiveness from Him, a loving God.



Or maybe you have feelings of disappointment that you don't tell God honestly.


Often when we feel disappointed in God, we no longer want to listen to God's voice.


It is as if this was a trial, you are not letting God defend Himself, reveal the truth to you. You feel disappointed and just label God guilty (even though He has never been guilty).


Is that fair? Will you, without being tried, without being given the opportunity to defend yourself, will be immediately found guilty by a judge?



If what you are facing is a problem of the heart, then any creative means will not lead you to meet God.



It is very important to be honest with God, telling Him everything.


The Lord Jesus did it, the psalmist did it, Job, Abraham, Moses, Paul and everyone else who has a close relationship with God did. They are honest before God.


And only if we are honest before God, can we experience the words spoken by God to Paul with amen, namely the words "In weakness, MY power is made perfect." (2 Corinthians 12: 9).


And as the writer of Hebrews said in Hebrews 11:34, in our weakness, we will get strength from God if we are honest with God and hold on to our faith in Christ.



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