Unity or Uniform

Unity or Uniform 

(Reflection from Nehemiah 3:1-32

unity not necessary in uniform
"Not Necessary in Uniformity"

"Reflection on Christian Leadership"

It is interesting to notice how the walls of the city of Jerusalem were rebuilt, according to a direction from Nehemiah.  There is so many people came together became united for this vision of Nehemiah, then they worked together so that the work could be done very well. 

This is interesting because when humans come together and work together, it turns out that not every times the works will end well. 



Because people often mistakenly think that to unite we have to make things uniform, sometimes even in the smallest things. 

Even though just wearing the same uniform doesn't necessarily make us have the same goal. But when we have the same goals and visions, that's where true unity will occur. 

By Nehemiah leadership, they are united and working together.  And the bible interestingly note that "next unto him" and “after him”.  Why? 

Below are some principles that we can model in Nehemiah's leadership, how to bring people in unity so they can work together well. 

# Everyone Are Active 

(Religious) leaders must participate actively, accompany the workers, and set an example. 

The leaders should not only be good at motivating or ordering others. Our followers will be very motivated to sweat more, when they see their leaders also sweat too. 

Even women and children are involved in building (v. 12) according to their strength capability. Some of them even took the initiative to do "extra mile", more than what was expected to be done (vv. 13, 15) 

While so many are moved to get involved, there will always be lazy and arrogant people who don't want to get involved. 

Again, this is often caused by people who feel they do not have the same "uniform" as the people involved in the work. 

Some may feel "too great" or "too high in position". 

As a result, they certainly should not be boast or proud of what other people have done. 

# Using Their Various Skills 

It is most upsetting when a job is criticized by people who have the necessary skills, but they don't want to step in.  It seems that they don’t realize that by just busy in saying, "should be like this ... should be that way" --- does not make the job get done quickly. 

In this wall-building work, there are people of various skills who contribute not only their time and physical strength, but also their special skills. 

There are priests involved (v. 1). There is a goldsmith involved (v. 8). There are merchants involved in the building work (v. 32). 

Without the need to look at their "uniform" or "degree", this is how every job should be done, especially in the work at God's house. 

# According to Their Reaching Distance 

I love the logic that if only everyone would sweep and repair the roads in front of their houses, then all the roads would be clean and smooth. 

Doing something in our surrounding also makes us more affectionate to preserve that work that we have done. 

That is why in this story, Nehemiah commissioned each person to repair the area that was close to their own homes. That is Nehemiah's goal. And this is the simplest but very clear way of dividing the tasks to be done. 

Everyone may work in different ways, but with the same goal. That is where the work finally gets done well, even though it does not uniformly.



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