Quiet Times (Part 3) – The Best Time

Quiet Times (Part 3) – The Best Time

(Duration to do Daily Bible Quit Times)


The Best time to Have Quiet Times

"Practical Steps to Do Quiet Times"


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D. The BEST Time


So, when is the best time for do quiet time?


  • Is it absolutely necessary to do it in the morning?
  • Why not during the day and at night?


This question is often asked by people who have a lot of trouble with mornings.


There are some people who really feel very fit in the morning, but there are also some people who actually feel like they are in war in the morning, such as feeling headaches, backaches, too tired, or others.


There are also those who are lazy to get up early.



In fact, I personally think that the best quiet time is in the morning. However, not absolutely done in the morning.


We certainly cannot force people who have severe headaches in the morning to have quiet time.


(But we may have to force people whose reason is laziness to get up early).



But the advantage of the morning time is that we have all day long to carry out God's words that we meditated on just this morning.


If we do it in the morning, we will have the awareness that God is with us throughout the day.


The rebuke or encouragement we experienced during our quiet time this morning will dominate us throughout the day.


The most important thing is that we always provide special and focused time to be alone with God. Wheter it in the morning, or during the day, or even at night before bed.



Besides that, for me, we can create quiet time whenever we want.


So in one day, it's not only once we can do “quiet time with God”, but more than that. Apart from that one-time quiet time, whenever we are sad, confused, and want to ask God something, we also need to have quiet time.


If possible, we can go to a place to calm down (for example: could it be a room, a large field, or the roof of a house?); and pour all of our hearts to God, be it happiness or sadness - whenever it is. This is also a quiet time.


We have a close relationship with God - this is what devotional time means.



Or we just need to silently talk to God. He can always hear us. Certainly. And we can do this whenever and wherever we are.


When we are happy and want to be grateful, whenever it is (when we are at work, in college or school, we are relaxing) we can always say to God in our hearts, "Lord, I thank you for this. Thank you."


When we are feeling sad, we can always say to God in our hearts - whenever it is, “Lord, I am very sad. Help me to understand. "




Spiritual Life On / Off Switch?


Most of us have made our spiritual life just like a light that can be turned on and off. Yes, for some people, their spiritual life seems to have a switch that can be turned on and off - just like a light.


When we have a quiet time in the morning, yes we push the switch of our spiritual life and that means our spiritual life is active or on.


But after that, after quiet time is finished, we push the switch of our spiritual life again and the result is that all day long our spiritual life is off.



In this way, we have limited God. We have limited the presence of God in our lives by the time we set aside for devotion. Only when we are in our quiet time.



We must realize that God is Omnipresent. He's always there for us. And He longs to have a close relationship with Him all day long.


In the course of your life every day, God can use anything to speak to you. God can speak through the book you are reading, through the film you are watching, through nature and the environment around you, and certainly through the meditation on God's Word that you do.



When you haven't found the answer you are looking for, don't close your heart. Keep waiting before God, live your life by continuing to open your heart to God's voice.


When God is giving you answers, is playing His voice to you, you will realize it, you will be able to hear His voice through any medium.


As long as you remain faithful to your quiet time, do not leave God, and maintain a close relationship with God, you will have the sensitivity to listen to God's voice.



However, remember that this is all one package. Quiet time in the morning (or afternoon / evening), time to meditate on God's Word is absolutely obligatory to do.


It is from meditating on God's Word that we know our God, we also hear Him speak to us through the Bible. How can we have a close relationship with God without us knowing Him.


So, meditating on God's Word in our quiet time is a must so that we can get to know Him from day to day.


In order to have a vibrant and healthy spiritual life, we need to know our God through reading and meditating on God's Word every day.



E. How Long Will It Take?


Actually, there is no specific time limit that we can set for spending quiet time with God. The time we need for quiet devotion is usually at least 10-20 minutes. The 10-20 minute time is definitely not that long.


Yes… just compare it to the time you spend reading the newspaper, reading comics or novels, or even watching TV.


Obviously more than 20 minutes a day right?!?


If we don't have the need to pray to God for a long time that morning, it may take no more than 10-20 minutes.


Usually we will need a long time to devote ourselves when there are many things that we are facing in our life, which make our hearts heavy, and we want to share them with God in our quiet time.


However, you will definitely enjoy your quiet time no matter how much time you spend if you really do quiet time with God and have a close relationship with God.



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