The First Hand Meaning of Christmas – Part 02

The First Hand Meaning of Christmas – Part 02

(The Shepherds – Luke 2:20)

The  First Hand-meaning of christmas
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 “Christmas Reflection”



To understand the true meaning of Christmas, one of the way is to return to the events of the FIRST CHRISTMAS.


Let's go back to looking for the meaning of Christmas first hand, from the people who were directly involved in the event.


We look back to the events of the first Christmas that have been past, and ask the people who were involved in the events of the first Christmas.


What does Christmas mean to them?


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#2 For The Shepherds: A Reason to Praise God


Luke 2:20

The shepherds went back, singing praises to God for all they had heard and seen; it had been just as the angel had told them.



Have you ever imagined what it would be like when the shepherds received the joyful news about the birth of Christ?


It was at night, and the shepherds were tending their flocks. It is also possible that some of the shepherds were fast asleep.


But suddenly appeared an angel of God who made them so shocked and terrified, as they were overwhelmed by the glorious light of God that shone so brightly.


The angel told them not to be afraid because it was not news of the disaster that they would hear, but news of joy regarding the birth of Christ.


The shepherds, who could only be silent, suddenly also listened to a number of angels who suddenly appeared and then praised God, perhaps the most beautiful choir ever on earth.



Their response after hearing this joyful news was that they went to confirm the truth of the message.


They went to Bethlehem and found Mary, Joseph, and the Son, all according to what the angel of the Lord had told them.



Then their next response, after meeting the Child and witnessing that the joyful news they heard was true, was that they praised and glorified God.



Why do they praise God? Because they understood that the presence of the Son into the world was a wonderful thing, a sign of God's immense love for mankind.


Only our God is willing and able to come near to us. While other religions teach that we must approach God; and to approach God, they must strive hard, must fast, must pray all night long; but other religions never teach that their god is willing to take the initiative to approach them.


Only our God, the Lord Jesus Christ, is willing to come near to HIS people.


Why? Because Godknows, if we are close to Goddepending on human efforts, none of us will succeed in approaching God. We can only approach God if God Himself is close to us.



It is according to His promise.  Making the shepherds finally have more faith now that God is a God who will always keep His promises.



Then, how about us at this time?


Have we only heard about Christ from other people, but never went to seek God and meet Him personally?


Experiencing God. Feel personally His love and participation in your life. Don't just hear about God from other people. And after we have met God personally and can have faith in His truth, believe in His great love.



If He is a God who really cares for us, to the point that He himself is willing to come down to the world, come closer to us, then God will certainly also care about all the problems we face today.


He is a God who will not remain silent, do nothing, when we pray for help from Him.




Then, what response do we do if we have met God personally and experienced His love personally?


Like those shepherds, let us praise and glorify God in all of our lives.


Let all our attitudes, actions, and words continue to be praise to God.


Because we live only by His grace. The true meaning of Christmas is a reason for us to praise and glorify God, because Christmas is an evidence of God's love for us.



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