Quiet Times (Part 1) - What & Why

Quiet Times (Part 1) - What & Why

(Reflections about Daily Bible Quite Times)

quiet time for hearing God

"Practical Understanding about Quiet Times"


A. What is Quiet Time?


Quiet time is a time when we really devote special and focused time to communicate with God, through meditation on God's Word and prayer.


Quiet time is a time when we actually come to God and say responsibly, “Here I am, Lord. I am ready to hear You speak to your son. "



Why do I say that quiet time is special and focused time?



First, we must really set aside SPECIAL TIME for devotional time.


Instead of spending time in our devotions:


  • when we are not working at 2:00 p.m. at home or at the office,
  • when we still have a little time or still have time to have a quiet time because today we didn't wake up late, or
  • if at night we are feeling less tired and there are no good movies to watch on TV. T


NO!!!! We have to be disciplined.


We should have specially made time for quiet time. And nothing should prevent us from remaining true to the promise of a time of devotion.



Second, we MUST BE FOCUS


We have to put all our problems, all our sighs, all our objections in prayer before we start devoting.


Become like Mary, who sat silently at Jesus' feet.


If we are still thinking about having to call Person A this morning, or have to boil water for a shower this morning, or are still thinking about the to-do list today,


It means that we're not focused yet.



Start with prayer.


Put all our weaknesses before Him.


Tell honestly our situation today to Him who is faithful, who understands the depths of your heart.


Tell Him that this morning we woke up with a sore head, stiff neck, or something else.


Ask Him to guide us to today's devotion, ask for the illumination (= illumination) of the Holy Spirit so that we can clearly understand God's word today, ask that we have hearts that want to hear and also obey God's words.



B. Why Devotion?


As human beings, we physically need food every day to survive. Without food, we will lack the calories that provide us with energy to carry out our activities.


Likewise with quiet time.


Quiet time is our spiritual food. Our souls need it to continue to survive.


Every day we are attacked by all kinds of problems. We often lose balance because of it. We are confused about how to make choices.


  • Which choice is right and which is wrong?
  • What is the standard of right or wrong?


We can only receive this balance through quiet time with God. Because God is the standard of righteousness. He is the truth itself.


Reading and meditating on God's Word will teach us, reveal to us when we are wrong, will correct our behavior, and will continue to educate us in righteousness (2 Tim 3:16).



Reading and meditating on God's Word in quiet time will help us get to know God better.


By reading God's words, we will know what God likes, what pleases Him, and what He does not like.



And shouldn't that be the point?


Whatever we have to do in living this life, we must live according to God's will, in a way that pleases God's heart.


With this knowledge that we can find our balance again. We become aware of what kind of decisions we have to make when the storms of life hit our lives, which is decisions that please God, according to God's Word.

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