Discourse is Not Enough


(Reflection from Nehemiah 2:11-20)

strategic planning with faith

“Reflection on Leadership” 

It is important not to rush when we are working. 

Even though we feel like Nehemiah that we have a “God-given plan in our hearts” (v. 12).  But the plan is only in our hearts.  To get it out of the heart and to share it properly to people requires a strategy, not just requires a feeling of accepting "divine authority". 

The fact is "divine authority" is not enough, especially without strategy and of course good character. 

Unfortunately, many servants of God feel they have "divine authority" by saying "God said to me", but sadly do not have an important character - especially humility. 


I've always felt that discourse is not the same as the idea of ​​work.  Making discourse into workable ideas requires good preparation. 

The ilustration we can use is like WANTING TO BUILD a house is only a discourse.  It only turns into a real work idea when the desire is poured into architectural drawings or at least the calculations begin to be write out on paper. 

One of the personal barriers that arise in turning discourse into good work ideas is our self-control.  Sometimes we are lazy to explore the discourse first and put it in a detailed working paper.  As a result, many leaders are too hasty to spread discourse to their followers.  And because of that the results did not get a good response in the end by them. 

Maybe this is one of the reasons that we as leaders like to get criticism as "talk only person", because we do it without any real action. Because we like to spread discourse too quickly. 


I was amazed by Nehemiah who allowed what was in his heart to remain in his heart first (v. 16).  He does not rush to spread discourse, telling his plans until he has personally tested them. 

Nehemiah personally was first said to be "inspecting carefully" for 2 times (vv. 12, 13), before he would explain the plans that he had put together in the palace, to the remaining inhabitants of Jerusalem. 


Because Nehemiah was well aware that the plans he put together in the palace needed to be tested first when in the field. 

Is the planning that has been made really workable? 
Are the preparations made really enough? 
Are there any changes that need to be made? 

Planning often has to be evaluated in detail by going down on by ourselves to see the conditions in the field. 

That is the reason why Nehemiah succeeded in compiling a real work idea, which included: What, Reason, and Preparation. 

What will be done? Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. 

The reason we have to do it? So that we are not criticized. 

What preparations have been made? Get the king's blessing and support. 

And it doesn't just talk about spiritual things. But also strategic steps. 

Taking steps by faith is always right. But besides faith, God also gives us wisdom. Therefore, we need to compile steps of faith with the wisdom that God has also given us.

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