Not Even When

Not Even When

(Reflection on Nehemiah 9:18-20)

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“Christian Reflection on God’s Faithfulness”


Nehemiah 9:18-20

NOT EVEN WHEN they made an idol shaped like a calf and insulted you by claiming, "This is the god who rescued us from Egypt."  Because of your great mercy, you never abandoned them in the desert. And you always guided them with a cloud by day and a fire at night.   Your gentle Spirit instructed them, and you gave them manna to eat and water to drink.




Usually we will be loyal only to those who are also loyal to us. It is normal or it makes sense to love someone who also loves us a lot.


But in God's words that we just read, our God loves us in a way that is hard to accept with common sense.


God's loyalty to us does not depend at all on our loyalty to HIM.



In verse 18 it says that our God continues to love “EVEN when…” the Israelites were unfaithful and made idols.


To this day, I believe that our God has never changed. He still loves us "Even, when ...".



When we are not faithful to HIM, God remains faithful to us.


When we fail to obey His commandments and choose our own path, He still loves us and draws us back to Him.



I think each of us can add from our personal experiences, how God still loves us, EVEN when we….



Why is that?

Because God is love (1 John 4: 8).



God's love never depends on our love for Him. Because when God promises to remain faithful, not leaving us, always continue to care for us - He always keeps His promises.



Therefore, every one of us His children. Never hesitate to turn to a loving God. The pull to return to Him comes from HIM.




While the voice that asks, encourages, exhorts us to stay away from God? It never came from Him!


So come back. Even when we've gotten too far, we can still come back.


He welcomes us back as a Father accepts his prodigal son back into the home. 



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