The First Hand Meaning of Christmas – Part 03

The First Hand Meaning of Christmas – Part 03

(The Mary – Luke 1:38)

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 “Christmas Reflection”



To understand the true meaning of Christmas, one of the way is to return to the events of the FIRST CHRISTMAS.


Let's go back to looking for the meaning of Christmas first hand, from the people who were directly involved in the event.


We look back to the events of the first Christmas that have been past, and ask the people who were involved in the events of the first Christmas.


What does Christmas mean to them?


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#3 For Mary: A Lesson of Faith & Obey


Luke 1:38

"I am the Lord's servant," said Mary; "may it happen to me as you have said." And the angel left her.


Mary was the first person on earth to know there will be a Christmas day.


When Elisabeth, a relative of Mary, had been pregnant with John the Baptist for 6 months, an angel of the Lord came to Mary and revealed the joyful news to her. That she will bear a child, even though she is not married.


Imagine how shocked Maria was when she heard the news, and what she thought when she heard it.


Wouldn't she be afraid and full of worry?


First, because suddenly an angel approached her, and then because she heard that she was going to become pregnant without a husband.


What would happen if the public knew that she was pregnant before she had her husband? It meant death, stoning.


Or even more, what would happen if her family or more so, Joseph, her future husband, found out?


Imagine if this happened to you. Won't you also be afraid and anxious?




However, Mary's fear and worry soon turned into great joy.


When she was told that she was going to bear the Son of God, she was able to relax. Because of what? Because Mary had faith in God.


If this is God's will, God's plan, then surely God will help him to answer all his worries.


God will not let go. When that was God's plan, then surely God would take care of everything, including about how to explain to Joseph.


Mary has faith in God, and that's why She was able to obey God.



We too can learn a lot from Mary.


When God gives us a responsibility or a problem in life, let us also learn from Mary. Believe that everything is in God's plan.


And when we faithfully obey God and walk in His plan, then He will take care of everything. We don't need to worry too much.


We have nothing to fear. We will not be tempted to the point where we are not strong enough (I Corinthians 10:13).


We will be able to bear all things because He will give us the strength we need (Philippians 4:13).



All we need is one thing, namely obedience to Him.


Let us learn to say like Mary, “Lord, I am Your servant. Be according to Your will. "



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